Q)The time that the bus arrives said it is supposed to get to my house at 6:46 am and the bus has been arriving at 6:42 am (or 6:51 am). Why is it early/late?

A) The bus times that are given out at the beginning of every school year are approximate times. Students are expected to be at their bus 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive and can be up to 5 minutes late as well. There are any number of factors that can speed up or (more often) slow down a route. For example, if a bus has 20 stops and there is even a 30 second delay at each one, that would delay a bus by 10 minutes; if there are students that live down a street that call in because they don’t need a ride that could speed the route up significantly as well. If a route goes on a road with heavy traffic and a lot of traffic lights that can significantly impact the times, making buses earlier or later.

Q) Why is my student sitting on the floor/in the aisle?!

​A) Students will never be made to sit on the floor or the aisle. Generally, this question comes up due to exaggerating or miscommunication from students. A bus’s capacity is calculated by having 3 students to one seat. It may be uncomfortable and students may have their feet/arms/bags in the aisle, but we would NEVER allow students to be sitting in the aisle.

​Q) Can I have my student ride home with another student?

A) Yes. You may fill out a temporary change request form on our website. Changes can only be made for emergencies, sudden daycare closures or when there will be no one home for the student. You cannot request changes for things like birthday parties and sleepovers. Requests may be denied based on bus capacities.

Q) Do buses have cameras?

A)  Yes! Every route vehicle now has a camera system in place.

Q) Can I watch the camera footage?

A) No. There are only a handful of people between both Hoglund's and the School that are authorized to watch the footage. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to watch the footage due to confidentiality concerns.

Q) How do bus stops get made?

A) There are many factors that go into making a bus stop. We try to make the stops as safe and efficient possible. While it would be nice to pick up every student at the end of their driveways, it simply is not feasible. The amount of time and vehicles to pick up 4,500 students in their driveway is almost incomprehensible. More often than not, if you live in town, your student be going to a group stop at an intersection, but your student’s ride will be short. If you live in the country, you’ll generally get picked up closer to your driveway, but your student’s ride will be longer.

Q) Why did my student get taken off transportation now that they’re in 11th or 12th grade? Why do I need to notify the bus company if my junior/senior is going to be riding the bus when they’ve done so their entire lives?

A) Students start getting their licenses and driving in and around 10th grade. Most students that get their license start driving on their own, so it is more efficient to have the students that will still ride call in rather than the other way around. 11th and 12th graders are more than welcome to ride the bus all year, we just need to be notified. There are emails sent out to parents every year to remind them of this.

Q) My student wasn’t registered for transportation and now I see the deadline has passed to register my student. Why do I have to wait until we’re into school before my student will be assigned to a bus?

A) One of the most common reasons for school bus crashes is the driver being unfamiliar or new to a route. To combat this, we finalize the routes before school actually starts so that our drivers can get comfortable driving their routes. The two week window where we close registration is when the drivers get to drive their routes without having to worry about their route changing. Despite what some may think, it is not usually as simple as “just tossing a kid on a bus.” For example, one student can overload the bus which means we would have to change a minimum of two routes to accommodate the one student. If another student lives in a spot where there aren’t any buses that drive by on the door side then the route will need to be changed as well- this means we have to contact 70 to 90 parents to inform them of the different times. If it were just one student that didn’t get registered every year, it wouldn’t usually be a big deal, however there are usually over 150 that don’t get registered every year which makes for a lot of changing. These registrations are worked on as they are received once registration opens again.

Q) Why does my bus time change?

A) This is a similar answer to the previous question. Changes with one student may affect an entire bus full of students’ times.

Q) Why do I need to register my student with the School and Hoglund’s?

A) The School and Hoglund’s are two separate entities and don’t necessarily need the same information.

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